Strawberry Plant

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Plant in full sun.

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Everbearing - Juicy, vibrant red berries have a sweet, rich flavour; great for jellies, pies and fresh eating. Plants produce tow large crops, with sporadic fruiting in between. Young plants form at the end of runners. Use these plantlets to replace older plants.

Junebearing - Single heavy crop of red sweet berries in June. Delicious fresh, in jams and pies.

Pinewood White - A delicious summertime treat. Unique white berries with red seeds have a sweet, rich flavour that is great for jellies, pies and eating fresh. Ideal for ornamental use at garden's edge, in containers and along walkways. Flowers attract butterflies.

1 gallon pot = approx 10 plants - everbearing, junebearing, white

Strawberry hanging 11" size pot

Not frost hardy