Planting Services

Planting Services

Georgina Garden Centre (GGC) has been planting, installing plant material and creating garden designs for residential, commercial and Industrial properties in Keswick, Sutton, Newmarket and surrounding areas since 1984.

GGC offers a full range of planting services including; garden design, Landscape/construction/installation and garden maintenance. We have highly qualified staff to design & maintain all your gardening and landscaping needs.

Georgina Garden Centre’s gardening projects range from renovations of existing gardens to entirely new garden installations. Using only the highest quality of plant materials and the utmost attention to detail, we work within your timeline and budget to create beautiful gardens that you will enjoy for years to come – let us help you make your garden dreams come true.


Garden Installation (softscaping) and Maintenance Services as follows:


Garden Bed Installation (softscaping)

If it’s a foundation planting of shrubs, island bed or a fence-line bed you need done we are here to help with the perfect design and planting service. We will look after all of your needs from beginning to finish.


Tree Installation

Georgina can be a very tough clay area in which to plant. We are here to help you, right from acquiring the necessary underground utility locates to delivering and planting the right sized tree for your property. Trees are a great investment as well. Planting trees on your property will make it more beautiful, give it major curb appeal and increase property values. Homes with well-maintained trees and plant life have much higher values than those with bare yards. Trees protect you too! Trees produce oxygen and absorb harmful gases like carbon dioxide, airborne ammonia and more. Trees provide natural habitats for many varieties of wildlife.


Grading and Sod Installation

Grading is the process of sculpting the earth to give it a smooth, desirable look that channels any sort of water away from the foundation, walks and patios of your property. Sodding is replacing a typical rough tired lawn with a new sodded lawn. The right graded and sodded lawn prevents soil erosion, and has extremely strong roots, which grow right into the existing properly graded land, and present a beautiful lawn for you to enjoy. Georgina Garden Centre are experts at grading and sodding, giving you the gorgeous lawn you deserve.


Garden Bed Mulching

Garden mulch is used during softscaping to retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, keep the soil cool, prevent frost heaving in winter, and make the garden bed look more attractive. Organic mulches also help improve the soil’s structure, drainage, and nutrient-holding capacity as they decompose. There are different types of mulch such as cedar, pine, coloured mulch (red and black) and a hardwood mulch. We can provide you with a quote for your mulching needs.


Cedar Hedge Planting

Figure out where you want your hedge to be, keeping in mind a healthy hedge with proper maintenance is going to take up approximately 2-4 feet (Width wise). So make sure to plant the hedge at the very least two feet from any buildings, obstacles or property lines, you don’t want to have to plant this twice!

Also keep in mind that (white) hedging cedars (or swamp cedars) need lots of sun light to grow nice and thick. If the cedar passes under any large trees it is a good idea to give the trees a good pruning to allow more light to make its way to the new cedars. Hedging cedars will grow in the shade although just not as full as in the full sun. We have been planting cedar hedges for many years and would love to quote your needs. Planted sizing ranges from 3-4’, 5-6’ and 7-8’ heights.


Plant/Shrub Material Installation

Shrubs (softscaping) have a very important part to play in any well-planned garden — not only for providing a long-term background for numerous other plants, but also for their display of flowers and, in some cases, attractive foliage and fruits for birds. A well designed plan will enhance your softscaping for many years to come at your home. Georgina Garden Centre can provide you with a quote for both materials and the labour to install.



To request a Gardening and Planting quote from Georgina Garden Centre, please fill out the Request Planting Quote form located in the upper right side of this web page and submit. We will then contact you and arrange a site visit for pricing.