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It's time to turn your landscape and hardscape visions into stunning realities. From meticulous landscape design to flawless construction and maintenance, our expert team ensures every detail of your outdoor space exceeds expectations.

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Georgina Garden Centre (GGC) has been designing and installing residential, commercial and Industrial hardscape landscaping projects in Keswick, Sutton, Newmarket and around Lake Simcoe since 1984.

GGC offers a full range of hardscape landscaping services including; landscape design, Landscape/construction/hardscape installation and landscape maintenance. We have highly qualified staff to design & maintain all your gardening and hardscaping needs.

Georgina Garden Centre landscaping projects range from renovations of existing landscapes to entirely new installations. Using only the highest quality materials and the utmost attention to detail, we work within your timeline and budget to create an outdoor living area that you will enjoy for years to come – making your dreams come true.



We provide the following LANDSCAPE/HARDSCAPE services:

Interlock Driveways, Patios and Walkways

There is a wide variety of colour, shape, pattern and styles of interlock driveway products that you can choose from. These types of driveways may be selected over other options (i.e. Asphalt, gravel, etc) by the homeowner and/or our designers as the maintenance of these systems is very simplistic and the aesthetic appeal of the finished product is astonishing when designed properly. Visit Oaks, Permacon, Unilock for ideas before you decide.

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Retaining Walls and Armour Stone

Sure, retaining walls look like simple stacked stone, block, or timber. But the fact is, they're a carefully engineered system(s) that wage an ongoing battle with gravity. A well installed retaining wall will last for many decades. Visit stone companies listed above for retaining wall ideas.

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Steps and Walkways

A well-designed and placed walkway is a great upgrade to any property. There are different companies to pick your stone from such as Oaks, Permacon, Unilock to name just a few. Also, try looking at Oakville Stone for step(s) selection and square cut flag selections.

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Flagstone is made of natural stone such as granite, limestone, slate or others. It’s natural durability will last decades with little wear and tear. Natural beauty for years to come. Also, try looking at Oakville Stone.

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A patio can really transform the look of your backyard space and bring outdoor living to life. A well designed patio will allow more functional space to your home and additional space to entertain. You can also include some top notch design characteristics such as borders, soldier courses, different stones, different colours as well as design elements like water and fire pit features, fencing and decking. Visit Oaks, Permacon, Unilock for stone ideas.

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Wooden Structures

Wooden fences, decks, pergolas, gazebos, etc: There are multiple different wooden structures for various purposes that you can choose from, with tons of design options for each. Let us help you walk you through the options to make the right choice. Check out these fences for great ideas

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Grading and Sodding

Grading your property with proper swales, drainage and contour is an essential part of the construction process. Moving water away from your foundation, patios and walking areas is crucial. Proper grading (in conjunction with a gutter and downspout system) is one of the easiest ways to manage surface water, reduce the possibility of water penetration and structural damage from hydrostatic pressure, and control the water content in expansive soils. Georgina Garden Centre will manage this part of the construction process.

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**Special note: High volume spring requests happen and we ask for your patience and understanding during this period.

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