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Hot New Hydrangeas That Really Pack a Punch

If you’re looking for a superior shrub to launch your spring garden into the ‘wow’ zone, take note of the hottest of hydrangeas landing at our Garden Centre! These varieties are sure to kickstart your spring garden and give you lasting blooms all summer-long. 

The Best Hydrangeas for Keswick Gardens

If you don’t have hydrangeas bedazzling your garden yet, or are adding some new magical varieties this year, these are some of the hottest new blooms to hit the Georgina Garden Centre that you should try now. We promise you’ll love these!


Puffer Fish Panicle Hydrangea

puffer fish hydrangea variety

A whimsical white variety of hydrangea, the Puffer Fish is a woody, deciduous shrub proven to impress with year-round interest. A beautiful compact flower, this panicle hydrangea is cold hardy and does well in both cooler temperatures and hot climates. Choose the Puffer Fish this spring for visual interest and beautiful cut flower arrangements all summer. 



Magical Candle Standard Panicle Hydrangea

We love this hot new hydrangea this year; with its super-white compact flowers that bloom all summer long, your neighbours will think you're growing ice cream cones! Grow this hydrangea in a border or container and watch it bloom abundantly from August to Autumn.


Let's Dance-Sky View Hydrangea

lets dance hydrangea variety

This hydrangea is a must-have for any spring garden design that flaunts a cool colour palette. Although the Let's Dance-Sky View starts off a beautiful pink, we recommend turning them brilliant blue with a few adjustments to your soil's pH levels. A great rebloomer, come grab yours now for a super-sweet Keswick garden! We also carry the Let's Dance-Ariba!, another fast-reblooming hydrangea with a deep range of brightly-coloured flowers. 



Little Fresco Hydrangea

The perfect hydrangea choice for smaller gardens or containers, Little Fresco is often called the "just right" for size and beauty. This award-winning variety starts its bloom with a creamy white colour mixed with pale green, then matures to light pink. This adorable selection blooms from July-September. 


Little Lime Punch Hydrangea

If you're into something a bit more groovy for the garden, this colour-changing hydrangea is right up your alley! From lime-green to white to raspberry pink, this hydrangea is one of the best-selling flowering shrubs of all time! Make sure you leave room for this Little Lime gem in your garden this spring. If you're looking for a hydrangea that will stay that vibrant lime-green all season, try the Magical Lime Sparkle panicle hydrangea instead, or pair them together for a stunning colour show!

Berry White Panicle Hydrangea

A superb choice for cut flowers, this panicle hydrangea starts a cool white in the middle of summer, slowly changing colour to a deep reddish-pink into the early Autumn season. Its long stems make it easy for cutting, and its compact size makes this a winning selection for your spring garden additions.

white hydrangea blooms in garden.

How to Care for Hydrangeas This Spring in Keswick

Hydrangeas are wonderful to have around, so make sure to follow proper care requirements if you want those fancy, continuous blooms we keep talking about. The word hydrangea actually stems from the Greek words "hydro" and "angeoin," meaning "water vessel." All varieties of hydrangeas are going to need lots of water, so aim to water new hydrangeas deeply about three times a week to promote root growth. Water at the base and soak the ground completely for best results. You can also add mulch to help keep that moisture locked in, especially during hot weather.

Hydrangeas also love soil rich in organic content, so ensure a good quality blend. Some varieties of hydrangeas will change the colour of their flowers depending on the soil's pH levels. If you want pink hydrangeas to turn blue, adjust the pH levels to around 5.2-5.5. For purple hues, aim higher at the 5.5-6.5 range and even higher to change your blooms to pink. 

We hope you’re ready to add some hot new hydrangeas to your spring garden in Keswick, Ontario. Whether you’re already hydrangea-crazy or new to the club, we’ve got plenty to choose from—come by this week for some fresh new picks and elevate your garden to the next level!


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