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Deck the Halls with Greenery that Lasts!

Christmas lights are going up all over Keswick, and here at Georgina Garden Centre, we've decked so many halls our heads are spinning! Yes, the holidays are finally here, and there's no better way to get into the festive spirit than by adorning your home with gorgeous boughs of evergreens. So, sit back with your eggnog, fire up the Michael Bublé, and let's talk holiday greenery!

Decorating with Evergreens

Nothing captures the magic of winter celebrations quite like fresh greenery. The rich, fresh scent and lush, vibrant foliage of these Christmas staples fill your home with that classic holiday charm in a way that is simply impossible to mimic. This year, we're fully stocked with the highest quality fresh pine, cedar, magnolia, and mixed greens for all your holiday home decor needs, from quality wreaths to porch pots and so much more! 

Georgina Garden Centre-Keswick-Ontario-Deck the Halls With Holiday Greenery That Lasts-custom wreathsDIY Decorating Delights

Without people like you decorating over the holidays, Keswick wouldn't be as spectacular as it is! Decorating with evergreens is our favourite way to "spruce" up our homes and neighbourhoods for the festive season, and we've got some great ideas to help you do the same:


Holiday Wreath Inspiration

One of our favourite ways to use fresh greenery is to make festive wreaths! A classic tradition that makes Keswick doorways sparkle every year, wreaths are a surefire way to put the "happy" in your holidays this year.

While there's nothing wrong with the traditional approach, wreaths are also incredibly versatile decorations that can be tweaked and modified to suit a variety of styles, tastes, and aesthetics. Try throwing in some funky asymmetry this year for a modern twist by intertwining different greens like pine, fir, and spruce. Add pops of festive colour with creative touches like holly and berries, and don't forget the twinkly lights and pinecones to make your wreath truly stand out!  

Georgina Garden Centre-Keswick-Ontario-Deck the Halls With Holiday Greenery That Lasts-garland outdoorFestive DIY Garlands

For those with a passion for hands-on projects, festive garland might be the DIY project you’ve always wanted. With piles of fresh greenery from the garden centre, try intertwining them together in creative ways, adding some finishing touches like holly and berries. This year, the holiday decorating trend leans towards asymmetrical designs, adding a modern twist to classic decorations. It’s also fun to hang ornaments from garland and gives any holiday room a playful vibe. 


DIY Holiday Swags

Another great way to make use of your holiday greenery is to create DIY holiday swags. Swags are used similarly to wreaths in holiday decor but are often much easier to make, making them the perfect holiday project for the kids. Mix together boughs of pine, fir, cedar and spruce to create unique colour and texture combinations, and finish your creations off with festive pops of colour from holly, berries, bows, and other holiday favourites. The best part? You can be as creative as you want!


Georgina Garden Centre-Keswick-Ontario-Deck the Halls With Holiday Greenery That Lasts-custom centrepiecesTabletop Centrepiece Magic

While we don't recommend eating it, having a fresh greenery centrepiece on your dinner table somehow makes holiday meals taste that much better! Take some of the fresh greens you picked up from us and tie them together with some pretty holly, berries, and pinecones to add an instant wow factor to your next festive dinner party. 

Preservation Tips for Long-Lasting Freshness

Nothing says "Grinch" like a holiday dinner surrounded by dead pine needles and shriveled-up cedar, so here's how to keep those greens, well, green!

  • Avoid Heat Sources: Shield your greenery from heat sources like radiators and fireplaces to prevent premature drying, especially in low-humidity conditions.
  • Manage Humidity: Fresh greens thrive in a slightly humid environment, so pay attention to your home's humidity levels and spritz your greenery regularly with a mister or spray bottle to keep them humid, happy, and healthy!
  • Trim Regularly: Foster your greenerys' longevity by regularly trimming their stems at
    a 45 degree angle. This trimming practice optimizes water absorption and prevents decay for enduring festive allure.
Georgina Garden Centre-Keswick-Ontario-Deck the Halls With Holiday Greenery That Lasts-wilt pruf
  • Apply an Anti Desiccant Preservation Spray: You can further safeguard the vibrancy of your fresh greens by applying a preservation spray like Wilt-Pruf. These sprays act as a protective coating that reduces moisture loss and extends the lifespan of your fresh greens.

Now that you know everything you need to know to cover your house with holiday greenery this year, we hope you run with the ideas we gave you in this guide and make them your own! If you're ever in need of anything else to boost your festivities this year, remember that we at Georgina Garden Centre are Keswick's number-one shop for all things holidays, so come see us today for greens, diy porch pots, gifts, and home decor galore!

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