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Japanese Maple Red Sentinal Twombly's

Japanese Maple Red Sentinal Twombly's

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True to its name, this variety maintains a somewhat columnar form, with burgundy to red foliage all season long, ending in a fiery display in fall; the dense and narrow upright form makes it wonderfully useful for many garden applications

Twombly's Red Sentinel Japanese Maple is primarily valued in the landscape or garden for its rigidly columnar form. It has attractive burgundy deciduous foliage which emerges red in spring. The small lobed palmate leaves are highly ornamental and turn an outstanding crimson in the fall.

Plant in full sun to part sun

Height: 10 feet

Spread: 7 feet

5 gallon size pot

Note: Due to the tenderness of this plant in our growing zone, it is guaranteed until September 30 of the year purchased - it is not guaranteed over the winter. Please ask an associate for the correct growing instructions and overwinter procedures for your plants success.

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