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Japanese Maple Emperor 1

Japanese Maple Emperor 1

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A fast-growing small home landscape feature tree that commands a premiere location in the front yard; enduring royal purple foliage all season long and turning fiery red and orange in fall, wonderfully artistic growth habit

Emperor I Japanese Maple is primarily valued in the landscape for its ornamental globe-shaped form. It has attractive purple deciduous foliage. The ferny palmate leaves are highly ornamental and turn outstanding shades of scarlet and orange in the fall.

Note: Due to the tenderness of this plant in our growing zone, it is guaranteed until September 30 of the year purchased - it is not guaranteed over the winter. Please ask an associate for the correct growing instructions and overwinter procedures for your plants success.

Height: 20'

Spread: 20'

Plant in full sun to part sun

7 gallon size pot

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