Green Mountain Boxwood (Pyramid)

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A compact, hybrid, broadleaf evergreen that is clipped and maintained in a perfect pyramidal form; makes a great accent or garden detail plant, very popular and one of the hardier varieties

Green Mountain Boxwood (pyramid form) has green foliage. The small round leaves remain green throughout the winter.

Green Mountain Boxwood (pyramid form) is a dense multi-stemmed evergreen shrub with a distinctive and refined pyramidal form. It lends an extremely fine and delicate texture to the landscape composition which should be used to full effect.

This is a relatively low maintenance shrub, and can be pruned at anytime. It is a good choice for attracting bees to your yard, but is not particularly attractive to deer who tend to leave it alone in favor of tastier treats.

Plant in full sun to part shade

Height: 3 feet

Spread: 3 feet

7 gallon size pot - size may differ from picture